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Casual Bar - Cool Dating


Casual Bar provides a cool and relaxing place for people to connect with filtering, liking, matching and chatting services.You can send drinks to whoever you like, and feel relaxed like in a bar.
- Easy To UseOur configurable filters allow you to find the right ones to connect.You may conveniently send drinks or like others by scrolling through list of users.
- SaftyWe leverage the latest technology to provide you with a safe environment. We only use approximate locations to protect user privacies. You can easily disconnect a person or opt out whenever you want.Chat is only for mutual liked users. Chat messages are stored only for three days.User ratings system provides a generic guidance for first time picks.We want to make sure people feel safe and relaxed.
- Coolest DesignNo annoying ad side bars or popups! We revolutionarily removed all the title bars to free up more spaces!
- Casual Bar pro version provides gold membership where you can have free drinks and higher user level.